For those friends who brought disposables to your baby shower in spite of your registry…

To your family who refused to help unless you did things their way…`

And everyone who sneered as they took bets on “how long you’ll last”…


Their opinions don't matter.


The manifesto below is a Declaration of Defiance – for those who’ve been judged by the disapproval of those still plugged into the mainstream matrix.


Does that make you disagreeable? Nah. 


Fully determined? Hell yea.


So are you ready to declare that you parent by the beat of your own drum? 


Because it’s your baby and your rules -- whether you cloth diaper full-time…or don’t.  


Here at Diaper Dawgs:

    1. We resist parental pressure.
    2. We persist through divisive mainstream ideals.
    3. We commit to our own choices.


We defy normal.


We #choosecloth


Because you define what's normal and no one else. Can ya dig?


By digitally signing this manifesto, you’ll be invited to a special bulletin called "The Dispatch."

It’s a #realtalk report where we share helpful advice, nifty products, and funny tidbits that we’re diggin at the moment so you end your day on a higher note than before.

You can opt out at any time; but otherwise, inside you might find out if you’ve won a Diaper Dawgs Defiance kit complete with our shield, wipe wash, and snazzy diaper cover.

Oh…and you'll also get a 15% discount code because #budget -- should you win after you’ve already purchased, you’ll get a full refund :)

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