To qualify for invitation into our Brand Ambassador program, prospective Brand Ambassadors must own at least one (1) Diaper Dawgs product, create an online store account, agree to all Terms & Conditions set forth here, be a legal resident of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia, and be 18+ years of age.

We ask that Brand Ambassadors of Diaper Dawgs follow our terms of use as well as the terms and conditions of the web sites and social media sites they use. The Terms and Conditions set forth below are effective as of January 1, 2015.    

1. Clicking ‘I Agree to the Terms and Conditions” endorses an agreement that the following terms and conditions constitute a valid and binding agreement between DIAPER DAWGS (hereinafter referred to as “DD”) and the respective DD Brand Ambassador/Promoter (hereinafter referred to as “AMBASSADOR”). The Terms and Conditions outline the roles and responsibilities related to the DD Brand Ambassador program; provided by DD to the AMBASSADOR.

2. DD reserves the right to update the current Terms and Conditions at any time. DD is responsible for notifying AMBASSADOR of any changes made to Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions set forth herein constitute the entire agreement between the parties and shall supersede all prior agreements.

3. DD RESPONSIBILITIES – DD will provide program incentives to AMBASSADOR when the prescribed number of points have been accumulated. DD will provide incentives as designated in each campaign or reward center area. AMBASSADOR incentives are not to exceed 24 incentives per year. Products may include prototypes for the purpose of testing or new products that are not yet available to the public. New product testing will require a signed non-disclosure agreement given to AMBASSADOR to by DD.

4. AMBASSADOR RESPONSIBILITIES – AMBASSADOR agrees to participate in social media campaigns as reasonably required. If deemed aberrant by DD, failure to participate in social media campaigns may result in removal from the DD Brand Ambassador Program. AMBASSADOR agrees to incorporate DD social media elements e.g. hashtags, logos, links, photos in personal social media efforts as reasonably required. AMBASSADOR agrees to use DD products consistently, as appropriate and reasonable, and on a regular basis, and to provide feedback on all goods to DD as reasonably required. AMBASSADOR agrees to respond to e-mails or phone calls from DD within 48 hours.

5. INCENTIVES – DD shall provide product and exclusive discounts in exchange for approved AMBASSADOR activities both online and in-person. Products and exclusive discounts are paid for in loyalty “points” that AMBASSADOR earns and accumulates for every approved activity. Once earned, loyalty points are deducted from accumulated point total in exchange for incentive selected by AMBASSADOR. DD is not bound to a minimum value of product/discount provided within any given calendar year.

DD is not bound to a minimum dollar value total provided in program incentives within any given calendar year. AMBASSADOR is responsible for redeeming points for all program incentives. AMBASSADOR incentive points within the loyalty program currently do not expire, but that may change at any time. If AMBASSADOR becomes idle or chooses to leave loyalty program, then incentive points are forfeited immediately.

An AMBASSADOR becomes “idle” after sixty (60) days of no recorded activity in the loyalty points program. DD reserves the right to remove AMBASSADOR from the program after such idleness and all points earned are forfeited without prior notification.

6. CONFIDENTIALITY — AMBASSADOR covenants and agrees that he or she will not disseminate, reveal, or otherwise make available to others, or use for his or his or her own purposes, any information of a proprietary or confidential nature concerning DD learned by AMBASSADOR in the course of fulfilling these Terms and Conditions. The terms of this agreement shall be considered confidential and shall not be disclosed by the parties hereto to any third party, except each party’s attorneys, accountants and risk manager, without prior written consent of the other party.

7. This program is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. This program is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media channel. Void where prohibited by law.

8. If DD wishes to utilize an individual as an AMBASSADOR, such individuals will receive the title of “Diaper Dawgs Brand Promoter” then eventually “Diaper Dawgs Diplomat” once enough loyalty program points have accumulated, subject to verification and compliance with these Terms and Conditions. AMBASSADOR is responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes, if any, as well as any other costs and expenses associated with acceptance and use of items provided to AMBASSADOR by DD. Exact compensation type and any/all items provided are at sole discretion of DD.

9. EVENTS – AMBASSADOR agrees that all photographs and video taken as an AMBASSADOR (“Footage”) will fully comply with applicable laws, rules, regulations and industry guidelines, including but not limited to, the Federal Trade Commission Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, 16 CFR Part 255 (collectively, “Applicable Laws”) and will disclose in every communication that mentions DD, that such AMBASSADOR has received benefits from DD as described herein. AMBASSADOR will cooperate with DD to avoid posting any content relating to Diaper Dawgs that is inappropriate. Without limiting the obligation of AMBASSADOR to comply with all Applicable Laws, AMBASSADOR agrees that they will at all times comply with the following code of conduct:

  • State honest views regarding any Event, DD and its products, which must reflect actual experiences, opinions and beliefs;
  • Make clear that any posted content is solely the opinion of AMBASSADOR and not DD. Avoid saying or doing anything that suggests DD has endorsed or approved any posted content;
  • Clearly and conspicuously disclose the AMBASSADOR connection with DD (i.e., that they received benefits) in any posted content and public statements about DD or its products or services;
  • Limit posted content to the social media channels instructed by DD;
  • Respect the intellectual property and proprietary rights of others; not making statements about the confidential or proprietary information of any third party;
  • Do not make false or unsubstantiated statements about DD or its products and do not make any unapproved statements or claims regarding the nature, characteristics, qualities or performance of DD products;
  • Do not make any statements regarding the products or services of DD competitors.
  • Do not impersonate any other person or entity, actual or fictitious, including by impersonating an employee or consultant of DD.

Should a DD Brand Ambassadors be scheduled for an Event. Brand Ambassador must give DD at least 72 hours prior notice if he/she will be unable to attend any Event, and will forfeit all assets provided by DD (including, without limitation, Event tickets, parking pass, the DD product(s) and equipment) for such Event.

All Footage must be the original work of AMBASSADOR agrees to, may not have been previously published, and must not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity (other than the Permitted Marks). By submitting Footage, and to the extent allowed by law, AMBASSADOR agrees the Released Parties shall own any/all Footage submitted (including the copyright thereto and all rights embodied therein) and that it and its designees may exploit, edit, modify, and distribute the Footage and all elements of such Footage, including, without limitation, the names and likenesses of any persons or locations embodied therein, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, worldwide, in perpetuity without compensation, permission or notification to AMBASSADOR or any third party. DD does not guarantee that any element or Footage will be broadcast, posted on the website, or otherwise be made available to the public. Certain elements of AMBASSADOR participation may be subject to supervision and security and other policies designated by an Event or DD.

9. Potential AMBASSADOR understands and agree that by becoming an AMBASSADOR, the opportunity shall not be deemed to create an employment, partnership, or joint venture between DD and any AMBASSADOR.

10. No transfer, assignment, cash redemption, or substitution of AMBASSADOR participation (or products provided) is permitted except by DD, at its sole discretion. DD Brand Ambassadors agree to be bound by these Terms and Condition and the decisions of DD and its representatives, which are final and binding in all matters relating to this program. AMBASSADOR agrees, by participating, that 1) the Released Parties and their designees may use (unless prohibited by law), their name, city and state of residence, photograph and/or likeness for advertising, trade and/or any other purposes in any media now or hereafter known throughout the world in perpetuity, without further compensation, permission or notification, and 2) the Released Parties, Facebook, Twitter, and any/all other social media channels shall have no liability to a DD Brand Ambassador, and AMBASSADOR agrees to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the Released Parties, for any claim, action, liability, loss, injury or damage to themselves or any other person or entity, including, without limitation, personal injury or death to themselves or any other person or damage to personal or real property, due in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by reason of AMBASSADOR participation or any travel or activity related thereto (including, but not limited to travel to and from and attendance at any Event). In the event any Event is cancelled or postponed, DD will attempt to provide an alternate Event for an applicable AMBASSADOR to attend.

11. CONFLICT(S) OF INTEREST – AMBASSADOR involved in program may not be brand representatives or own blogs sponsored by any competitors, whether direct or indirect. AMBASSADOR must disclose all companies for which he/she is a brand ambassador during the application process. Should it be determined that there is a conflict of interest, DD reserves the right to discard the application of prospective AMBASSADOR. If a conflict of interest is discovered after AMBASSADOR has participated in program, DD reserves the right to terminate AMBASSADOR in violation with an immediate forfeiture of loyalty points.

12. AMBASSADOR reserves the right, in his/her sole discretion, to terminate or suspend involvement in this program at any time for any reason with the expectation of loyalty points being forfeited immediately.

13. DD reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, terminate or suspend this program (or any portion of it), at any time for any reason. DD also reserves the right to terminate any AMBASSADOR that violates these terms and conditions or has involvement, whether related or non-related, in any activity that is unethical or illegal.