Don’t let our super-complicated Portuguese name scare you, we’re quite the simple family. We started Diaper Dawgs in 2013 when we wanted to make handling our first son’s cloth diapers more sanitary with less hassle…basically, **it got real.

It’s been a wild ride ever since we launched our flagship, patented product, the Spray Collar 2.0 – the only cloth diaper sprayer shield duo that fits in the palm of your hands, needs no assembly, stretches gussets, wrings, and doesn’t touch toilet water or allow the Aerosol Effect.

Cloth diapering is a serious matter – fecal matter, that is.

But time is your most precious asset, and we’d rather have you spend it hugging your littles and not fussing with diaper cleaning. Because you’re not just buying a sprayer shield, you’re buying back time with those who matter most.


nor·mal ˈnôrməl/adjective – conforming to a standard; usual, typical, expected, or mainstream.

I’m Aisha – owner here at Diaper Dawgs. I’m a 5’1 pint of brown goodness who’s a lover of wine and a stealth dealer of quips. If someone is laughing on the interwebs, I probably had something to do with it. Defying normal has been my way of life.

Being from an immigrant family, meant going into some professional degree your hard-working parents could brag about: health, law, computer science, or engineering. All of my siblings are actually in either health or computer science careers, so you can imagine my parents’ disappointment when I went into graphic design! They still don’t know what I do for work, and I don’t even bother mentioning Diaper Dawgs – ha ha.

I then steered left again when I decided to be the living embodiment of an oreo and marry my husband. Turning our interracial relationship into a ethnically-diverse family repping every seat at the UN.

And then I did my best work yet – I gave birth to two seriously handsome boys, both of which were diagnosed with ASD. They are completely different from one another and one has a larger severity than the other. But what makes us different, makes us different…not less.

That best work led to the birth of my third baby, Diaper Dawgs. And our brand was different from the get-go. While most cloth diaper companies showed the lovely, caring, fluffy-cloud side of parenthood, we went raw. Because it’s not all daisies. Labor blows. Lack of sleep sucks. Breastfeeding hurts like a mutha, and rinsing cloth diapers is pretty crappy.

But there can be no blessings without the burden…and I bet you wouldn’t trade your mini-me for the world 🙂

So I encourage you to embrace that you’re the only one choosing cloth diapers, to accept that family will still buy you disposables and ignore your baby shower list completely, to endure the disapproval of others when they ask you how you deal with the poo.

Because why fit in when you were born to stand out?


It doesn’t matter if you want to save the environment, your baby’s health, or just your money. You’re welcome here.


Because of our connection with autism and dogs, our family donates periodically a portion of sales to Paws with a Cause.

Since 1979, Paws With A Cause has been enhancing the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities nationally through custom-trained Assistance Dogs. PAWS increases awareness of the rights and roles of Assistance Dog Teams through education and advocacy.

PAWS trains Hearing Dogs, Service Dogs, Seizure Response Dogs and Service Dogs for Children with Autism and provides these assistance dogs (bred or rescued) at no cost to their clients.

Learn more


There’s no greater fear for a parent than not knowing if your children will be okay after you’re gone. Though our son is still young, we still don’t know his outlook…whether he’ll be independent, be able to get a job, live on his own, socialize…or even talk.

That’s why I was BEYOND THRILLED to discover that our city will be building its first special-needs college…created by three mothers of special needs children. It’s a place where he’ll learn academics as well as life skills and other supportive adult services that are just a hop and skip away from home. We discovered it when our son’s speech therapist informed us of her new position there – hopefully, she’ll see him again as an adult!

We made the decision that instead of sending our boys to work typical fast-food jobs, that we’d train them to run Diaper Dawgs and use it to pay for their college tuitions. I feel so blessed knowing that whatever the outcome of my son is, I can send him there to learn the life skills essential for an independent life.

So from the bottom of our family’s hearts, thank you for helping give our sons a future. Even your visit to this page just to know a little about us is a blessing. And hopefully, our son can one day say “thank you” too. ❤️


We’re a family of introverts…but we’re far from boring. Here are a few things you might find interesting: 


We’re a special-needs family. We have two our amazingly handsome and autistic sons.


Our Finger Guards come in two colors to represent our interracially-diverse family.


Both of our boys were named after David Hasselhoff’s character from the 80’s show Knight Rider.


Our spunky chihuahua Jax keeps us running in circles.


My husband is a tech geek, and I have an art degree. My oldest son is serious, and our youngest is such a ham.


We’re not tree humpers, but we cloth diaper, recycle, garden, and buy natural…we also have a saucy sense of humor.