Children – our love, our legacy, our reason for smiling

Children – our love, our legacy, our reason for smiling

This is my son Ryder – my first born. He is the inspiration behind Diaper Dawgs™ and a top reason why I smile these days. It started when I was washing his cloth diapers, mostly pockets, and cringing not only at the wetness I had to touch but the poo from the particularly explosive diapers. I saw my regular black pot grabber hanging from my oven door and then LIGHT BULB MOMENT! Bada Bing, Bada Boom...Diaper Dawgs were born.

He's seven months in this picture, and I can't believe how fast this baby boy has grown! People get happiness from all sorts of things: significant others, pets, traveling, material things...but children are of a different sort. How can this tiny human who, to be honest here, is the most demanding, crankiest, thing I have ever dealt with suddenly make me forget all his transgressions with a bat of an eye, a crinkle of a nose, a rise of a smile? I think this ability is god-given as it's not in human nature to quickly forget how someone kept you up screaming until 4 am in the morning when you have to get up for work at 6 am.

Regardless, it's a great honor to be a parent and a great responsibility to have a major hand in molding a person into a contributing member of society. I find myself smiling when I think about Ryder as I daydream about the great man he will become. Oh and it doesn't hurt that he's as cute as a darn button!

That's why I started Diaper Dawgs. Not only do I love cloth diapering, but I LOVE my son and hope that one day my future children can take over this business not only as a legacy that I leave behind but as a positive contribution that Diaper Dawgs make to the local economy, cloth diapering families, and the environment.