Diaper Dawgs...A "Fetching" Idea for Cloth Diapers!

Diaper Dawgs...A

Welcome to the Dawg Blog!

We are delighted to get this first post up in anticipation of our company launch! Meet Diaper Dawgs – Your Best Friend in Cloth Diapering.  I created Diaper Dawgs while separating my son Ryder's dirty cloth diaper inserts from his cloth diaper covers in preparation for a wash. Grimacing while my fingers touched cold poo and pee soaked inserts I thought, "There's gotta be a better way!" And there was!

My laundry room is right across from my kitchen where I saw my oven mitt hanging from the handle bar. I wished I could get the same mitt, but just small enough to cover my fingers so that I could quickly grab and separate my cloth diapers...that's when Diaper Dawgs were born.

I wanted the heat-resistant silicone to make Diaper Dawgs Finger Guards not only durable and flexible for insert "fetching" but suitable enough for exclusive use in one of my disposable microwave sterilization bags, if I wanted serious sterilization. My Dawgs even help me out when I have to wring out a diaper after spraying – but these are just added benefits, the effectiveness in Diaper Dawgs lie in their special sizing, which make them oh-so easy to use!

Between bag sterilization or hand washing, I simply spray my Diaper Dawgs' mouths with a germ-killing disinfectant spray and conveniently stand them up on my laundry shelf or hang them on my cloth wipes bin. Easy Breezy!