Everything But The Kitchen Sink Storage

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Storage

Under Sink Storage

– Hacked by Emily E. –

Here's what you need:

  • Tension Rod
  • Stackable Drawer Organizer or Lazy Susan

The cabinet under the sink has always been one of the black holes in my kitchen. It’s always been kind of gross down there, and in the two years since we’ve owned our house I don’t think I’ve ever gone through it and organized it or cleaned it up. I decided it was time, and took to Pinterest for some ideas on how to keep it picked up.

When I went to Target to get my supplies, I was looking for a tension rod and a lazy susan. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a lazy susan, so I came home with a tension rod and a stackable drawer organizer meant for a bathroom cabinet.

Upon arriving back home, changing a diaper, nursing, and changing (back) into sweatpants, I set my son down to play and I went to work. I took everything out of the cabinet, threw half of it away (a Brita filter leftover from before our filter broke, an old mildew-y paper bag, and a couple of just-about-empty cleaning bottles), and cleaned the inside.

I then used the tension rod to store a couple of spray bottles, stored non-plastic and smaller items in the top drawer of the organizer, and larger plastic bottles in the empty space on the bottom of the cabinet. This way, if my sink or disposal starts to leak a little bit, the items at the bottom of the cabinet won’t be affected by moisture. Then I put a roll of kitchen-size trash bags in the bottom drawer. This way, I can pull out one bag at a time like tissues. All in all, I’m really happy with my new set-up. It’s simplified, organized, functional, and clean. Now I can open the doors and clean crap in a snap without digging through the cluttered cabinet!


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