The baby/cloth diaper industry is notorious for acronyms: LO, AIO, DH, CD, etc. Here are a couple we like to throw around at Diaper Dawgs.

Diaper Dawgs were created to wage war against the three D's. What are the three D's, you ask? Well, we have a strategic plan to help cloth diaper moms and the cloth diaper industry in two ways.

PLAN 1: We karate-chop the "Dirty Diaper Duties."

Moms considering cloth diapers for the first time are often hesitant in attempting exclusive cloth diapering. Among being completely overwhelmed with the types of cloth diapers available, they are unsure about the cleaning process.

Although we'd love the ability to be able to snap our fingers and have the dirty diaper laundry done for moms everywhere, cloth diapers must be washed – and for most households, washing happens 2-3 times per week.

When these newbie cloth moms turn to the popular pocket or all-in-two snap diapers that allow for absorption customization via removable inserts, they discover another cloth diaper bombshell – inserts must be separated by hand in order to be washed thoroughly.

Diaper Dawgs combat having to touch your baby's "mess" by providing a small barrier you can slip-on, quickly separate those dirty, wet inserts from covers, and get on with your day.

We aim to help those new cloth moms "stick with it," so that cloth diapering exclusively becomes a feasible option. For seasoned cloth diaper moms, our hope is that Diaper Dawgs cut the hand washing routine they commit to after separating with bare hands.

For ALL cloth diaper moms, our hope is to lessen the amount of complaints or push-backs they get when asking their significant others to do the next diaper laundry load.

PLAN 2: We throw rocks at "Disposable Diaper Domination."

Every year millions of disposable diapers fill landfills, break families' budgets, and put unnecessary chemicals against babies' delicate skins. However, disposable diapers are the current champions of the arena – it's a billion dollar industry with the advertising dollars and customer reach to match. Though with the entrance of the modern cloth diaper, we have the power to shift public perception.

Our team routinely advocates the "pros" of cloth diapering. The actual Diaper Dawgs tool itself helps to lower the "cons" of cloth diapering i.e. the "dirty diaper duties." We throw as many rocks against the mainstream "Goliath" as we can, in hopes that one rock will eventually hit this disposable diaper giant right between the eyes.


This is our mission at Diaper Dawgs: Making Cloth Diapering More Sanitary with Less Hassle.