No Fog Mirror

No Fog Mirror

No Fog Mirror

– Hacked by Sarah R. –

Here's what you need:

  • Bar of Soap
  • Rag/Towel for surface cleaning
  • Glass Cleaner

A nice, steamy shower has become quite the luxury around here. While I could once take my time showering, getting dressed, and getting my hair and makeup done, it’s now a speedy process wondering how much time I have before I’m needed.

Most days I don’t even bother with the makeup or doing any serious hair styling because let’s be honest…the hair will just get pulled and my face will be grabbed and poked with drooly or food-covered fingers. There are times, though, when I make the effort anyway because it just feels good. The challenge is that the mirror is always foggy immediately post-shower and because I’m not taking my time getting ready, it doesn’t have a chance to de-fog on its own before its time for me to actually use it.

Enter this new bathroom hack I had to try: The No Fog Mirror Solution. It involved only 3 items that I had readily available, and I’m sure you do, too.

Step 1. Rub the soap bar onto the entire surface of the mirror.

Step 2. Use your rag or towel to buff out the soap and spread it around the entire mirror

Step 3. If needed, spray some glass cleaner onto the mirror to clean up any remaining soap

Step 4. Turn that shower on and let the room get steamy!

I took my shower this morning and kept peeking out, expecting to see some fog start accumulating. I thought, “maybe I just need to shower a bit longer” and eventually had to get out because who knows what could be going on in my house during an extended absence.

What did I find? It worked! There was a teeny tiny bit of condensation, but I could see right through it. In comparison, the other mirror that I did not apply soap to was throughly fogged. Yay! I can finally apply makeup right away! But did I? Of course not. The doorbell and my phone were both ringing. Better luck tomorrow! I’m interested to see how long this lasts.


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