Dooty Guard Flushable Liners

Dooty Guard Flushable Liners

So you found a cloth diaper daycare...

But by the end of the day, does that cold poop has a death grip on that cloth diaper lining?

Or you just don't want poop stewing in a wet bag, in a hot car while you're out and about with the little one?

Or maybe you just want less of a mess?

We're expanding our line of poop protection products to bring to you Diaper Dawgs' Dooty Guards. Dooty Guards are flushable cloth diaper liners that help prevent staining and help save your sanity. Our eco-friendly, stay-dry flushable liners allow moisture to pass through to cloth diapers while keeping solids on top for easy-toss disposal without scraping or spraying. Best of all, it's a perfect fit...not too long, not too short! Just tear off one liner sheet and place between baby and clean diaper for separation and disposal of solid wastes during changing. Throw unsoiled liners directly into the trash or gently hand wash and air dry flat for second-time use.

Diaper Dawgs' Dooty Guards are...

• Soft, 100% Bamboo Viscose

• Flushable* & Hand Washable

• Perfectly Sized for Cloth Diapers

• Great for preventing staining


*Not recommended for septic systems. Flushing may cause blockage in older household drain systems. Diaper Dawgs is not responsible for damage to individual drain systems.