He's Here...Finally!

He's Here...Finally!

We finally have a baby! It seemed like those 10 months of waddling would last forever. I went into labor the evening of August 7th. My last baby was induced, so I wasn't quite sure what going into labor naturally would feel like. Well I certainly noticed that my contractions were starting to get a little painful, then so painful that I had to concentrate through them, then painful enough to stop me in my tracks. It definitely was time. I went to the hospital around 10 pm – halfway there at 5cm and fully effaced!

I've been adjusting to life now with a toddler, baby, and a home business. The internet calls me a "wahm" short for a work at home mom. I've enrolled my first son (Mutt 1) into preschool to help lighten the load a bit and get him away from the cartoons. Hopefully it will cure his fear of other children. He's starting to warm up to his little brother (Mutt 2), but he's definitely not up for any kind of touching yet. I "staged" the left pic while both were sleeping :)

Every day is a juggling act. During lunchtime, I magically sprout four hands to give Mutt 1 chicken nuggets, Mutt 2 a bottle of milk, do some computer work, and pump at the same time! Multitasking is my new middle name, earplugs are my go-to item for boys that cry together, pinterest has become my new cookbook for family meals, and the occasional glass of red wine has become my best friend for a little "mommy" time.

Do I wish I had my corporate job back? Ehh...I know longer wake up dreading the daily commute. I set my own hours. No more microwaving my lunch after that stinky tuna sandwich. That nosy guy who looks into my cubicle is gone. Oh hey, no cubicles! My task list now involves kissing cheeks, tickling toes, and nap time – for everyone. And best of all, I get to spend the day with little people who truly love me...and I wouldn't change that for the world!