Introducing The Spray Collar

Introducing The Spray Collar

Diaper Dawgs were originally conceived in a cloth diaper household with no diaper sprayer. We quickly learned that diaper spraying was a very common part of a fluff parent’s life.

Our flagship product, Diaper Dawgs Finger Guards, addressed the common complaint of having to unsnap or unstuff wet or poo’ed on cloth diapers. With our Double Dooty Cloth Wipes, and it’s clever pocket, parents can avoid repeatedly folding over their tiny cloth wipes to avoid poo on their hands while wiping baby during a change or worse, a blowout. With diaper spraying, the main complaint is poopy backspray going outside the toilet, onto floors, and more often than not, your face.

In response, two awesome tools were created that opened the floodgates for parents contemplating cloth diapers. The first product invented was a custom-fitted bucket that allowed parents to spray and soak their cloth diapers. A second product came shortly after that solved that bucket’s bulkiness with lightweight plastic and innovative gusset-stretchers.

But innovation can’t stop there. And with only two choices, we wanted to give parents a third option for diaper spraying BECAUSE CHOICES ARE AWESOME!

We wanted a shield of our own, but it was essential that Diaper Dawgs think outside of the box, or outside the shield rather, to design a product that didn’t touch any part of the toilet, was smaller & lighter than its predecessors, and could be used as quickly as Diaper Dawgs, the slip-on finger mitts, with nothing to hide or assemble…while still having the same splash guard functionality. Of course, it also had to tie-in with “dogs” somehow…like the rest of our products. :)

So we brainstormed for weeks…then EUREKA! Why are we punishing the diaper? It’s the sprayer that’s out of control! And what do we do with out-of-control Dawgs? You SPRAY COLLAR ‘EM!