Diaper Dawgs' Secret Feature

Diaper Dawgs' Secret Feature

We recently had a fan express her concerns about cross-contamination each time she found herself having to take a break using Diaper Dawgs. When she had to lay the Dawgs down and walk away, she found it inconvenient to have to disinfect the surface they were previously laying on. She even wished we had made a third piece just to rest the Dawgs on. What she didn't realize, and what we don't explain very well, is that Diaper Dawgs are, in fact, the "stand" on which she could sit the contaminated muzzles in.

If you need to step away...

1. Take one Dawg off while it's being gripped by the Dawg on the opposite hand.

2. Set the open (uncontaminated) end down on a flat surface.

3. Gently loosen the other Dawg from your other hand – resting it inside the bottom Dawg and recreating that infamous upside-down Spiderman movie alley kiss. In this position, your Diaper Dawgs, if they are on a flat surface, will not fall over.

4. Insert one hand into the top open end.

5. While grabbing the jaw of the Dawg sitting on the bottom, lift that Dawg up and slip onto the uncovered hand.

6. Using this method, if you ever need to take a break, neither your hands nor your surfaces should touch the contaminated muzzles.