Diaper Dawgs not Dogs for Cloth Diapers

Diaper Dawgs not Dogs for Cloth Diapers

1. Actually, we prefer to say poop "accessory."

Well that didn't sound any better...but really, Diaper Dawgs guard against fingers touching poop/pee when doing your cloth diaper cleaning routine – whether that involves separating, wringing, or holding while you swish & shout.

Unlike other poop accessories like the Cloth Diaper Butler or the handy, dandy Potty Pails/Diaper Diamonds of the cloth diaper world, we didn't want our Dawgs shunned behind the toilet. So once you've quickly spritzed with a little sanitizer and wiped your Dawgs clean, Diaper Dawgs can hang or sit conveniently out in the open or behind that toilet. The choice is yours!

2. Things that look fun make doing things that aren't fun at all...kinda fun.

Confused? Case in point, cloth diapers. With all the cute prints and features, who knew using a piece of cloth that you'd have to clean once it got pooped in could be…fun? Don't try to deny the excitement you feel when a new color from one of your favorite diaper brands comes out!

While we understand that Diaper Dawgs won't make you feel like you got exclusive passes to the VIP section of THE concert of the year, they do make cleaning a bit more fun. I mean they look like little dogs doing the cleaning for cute colors! You gotta smile at that, yes? No. Don't smile. You must have a serious face while cleaning our child's pooped diapers with dog-shaped finger mitts.

Well if Diaper Dawgs don't make you smile, they will certainly put smiles on the tiny faces in your household – but be sure to clean after every use and keep them away from those little hands if you have cloth-diapered babies smart enough to move and climb onto furniture! :o

Till next time, Dawg Owners