Top 10 COOLEST Cloth Diaper Prints You Can Buy Now

Top 10 COOLEST Cloth Diaper Prints You Can Buy Now
Ya know there’s one thing that disposables can’t touch and that’s the wide variety of prints cloth diapers can come in. I’ve scoured the interwebs for the coolest, and downright outrageous, cloth diaper prints that you can buy now or soon. Ok, let’s hit it!

10. “Good Life” by Gdiapers

Repeatable patterns are typical with cloth diaper prints. Rarely do you see ones that are asymmetrical, meaning the design is not the same on both sides. It’s fitting since Gdiapers are hybrid cloth diapers. This design along with its odd Smorgasbord of imagery kicks off our list at #10.

9. “Invader” by KangaCare

This print reminds me of Pac-Man. Its black background with contracting pops of color are reminiscent of an 80’s Nintendo game. The print here is actually a standard one called “houndstooth” but the color palette is completely left field. This diaper invades our #9 spot.

8. “Love” by Bumgenius

Bumgenius is infamous for its limited edition prints and the frenzy that ensues after release. The company even has a group referred to as a “mob.” Despite the frustration these prints create, the company is doing great things, especially with its newest print that inspires love, diversity, and acceptance. With its brush stroked colors, this diaper wins our heart at #8.

7. “Utopia” by Glow Bug Cloth Diapers

I’m going bananas over this print! Glow Bug in my opinion has some of the best diaper prints around that goes outside the “cutesy” that is so typical, and honestly a bit boring. Now Glow Bug does things a bit differently. Diapers are sold in packs of twelve, and this particular diaper called “Bananarama” is part of a package called “Utopia.” This perfect print lands a spot in #7..

6. “The Gruffalo” by Simply Cloth Boutique

“Oh help! Oh no! It’s a gruffalo!” This is our first artisan (custom, handmade) diaper to hit the list. Forget tv shows – this diaper brings your child’s favorite storybook to life. It’s based off a popular children’s book series called “The Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. It’s a story about a monster with a curious green wart on his nose and his adventures in the deep, dark woods. This monstrous diaper tracks its way to our list at #6.

5. “Tardis” by Sunshine Fabric & Designs

Dr. Who has a large cult following. Are you surprised the Doctor managed to transcend space and time to end up on a diaper? I actually own this handmade and embroidered diaper, and it’s one of my favorite covers. Flip it over and get sucked inside a beautiful black hole galaxy print…neutral for a boy or a girl. So who had the audacity to put this diaper in at #5? We did.

4. “Bob Marley” by Sunshine Fabric & Designs

So obviously artisan diapers are going to have the coolest prints out there! This Jamaican-inspired diaper hails its most iconic figure right on the bum…Bob Marley, a reggae singer and guitarist who achieved international fame. Being part Jamaican myself, this diaper inspires me to take it easy 🙂 “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” with this diaper at #4.

3. “Purrrrfect” by Grovia

Ok guys. A unicorn farting a rainbow of love with a cat perfectly perched on its ass – no further explanation is needed. This diaper has its own dedicated tour launching June 2016. This furry ball of gas farts its way to #3.

2. “Mermaid” by Dutch Baby

I really have no words, but ‘WHOA.” Dutch baby is another artisan that makes a whole slew of animal-tailed cloth diapers. If you’re constantly disappointed with the Halloween selection for babies, having this custom “tail” diaper would not only be majorly epic but functional. You can snag this guppy in a B/S/T Facebook group. Naturally, this diaper swims up to spot #2.

1. “tokijoy” By tokidoki & Kanga Care

This diaper tops our list as THE coolest diaper around. Tokidoki is a massive Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand. The radical, graffiti style packs some serious cloth diaper badassery. If this print doesn’t hit you where it matters, Kanga has two more prints that might tickle your fancy here and here.

And that’s all folks! Our Top 10 COOLEST Cloth Diaper Prints You Can Buy Now! The price of these cloth diapers will vary widely, especially those that are handmade. You’ll find the wildest prints among handmade artisans, but sometimes a main manufacturer can have something up its sleeves.

See a print you like, but you don’t actually cloth diaper? A lot of these diapers come in “cover” versions, meaning they don’t have any fabric lining. Just throw a cover over a disposable! Not only will you be able to still rock theses fashionable diapers, but you’ll get double protection from blowouts since covers are lined with waterproof material!

Would you recommend anything else for this list? Do you think an EPIC cloth diaper is worth the cost? Comment below then take our personality quiz below to find out which TYPE of cloth diaper you are…